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We are having our first general drop in on Monday May 29th 2021

The community drop in will be facilitated by Karen and John.

What is already set:

  • Monday: General / community drop in from 12:00 – 4:00 With Karen and John.
  • Wednesday: Evenings meditation group lead by Collin from 5:00 – various  / flex times.
  • Thursdays: Phoenix and Deanna tentatively to do a day for drop in. Tentative / pending
  • Friday: Evenings, a time for celebrating recovery, sobriety and a safe confidential place and time to be heard / share and spiritual guidance and exhortation  with Rev. John.
  • Saturday: Afternoon Drum Making with Chris and helpers. (*pending commitment)
  • Sunday: Sharon has put forth a motion to have a Sunday meal with members / friends  / community that make up The Listening Post.  This will be on select and yet to be determined Sunday nights.

We will update the schedule of times and groups soon.

Please Stand By….


RIP | GARY MAHY | 1958 – 2021

Gary Mahy, a longtime friend of The Listening Post and a all around loved member of the DTES community has passed on.

On March 30th, 2021 we had a small / intimate memorial service for Gary. There will be a larger celebration of life in April.

He is truly remembered fondly. He was always helpful, humorous, a giver,  not a taker and a shameless flirt 🙂

Truly there are so  amny good stories and memories re Gary that it seems a diservice to mention one or two here. If you knew Gary you more than likely have several good memories of this man.

He truly loved life and lived a life where he took less when he could have had more.

Be blessed and RIP Gary.


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Happy to say we are back. 

Hoping you are all holding up as well as can be expected. 

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Diane Wood | On Sunday November 1, we will be creating an altar on the sidewalk outside the Listening Post

Day of the Dead is celebrated on Nov. 1 & 2 in Latin America.

The tradition can be traced back to the pe-Conquest Aztecs.  Offerings were made to welcome the souls of the dead; their favourite food, alcohol,tobacco and sugar skulls. Candles were lit to show them the way.

Decorations of yellow marigolds and harvest vegetables symbolized death.

On Sunday November 1, we will be creating an altar on the sidewalk outside
the Listening Post on Main Street, at the northeast corner of the
intersection with Hastings.

From 2:00 – 5:00 in the afternoon, people passing by are invited to stop
and honour their dead loved ones by lighting a candle.  Our ancestors
believed at this time of year their souls return to visit us.
The Listening Post is at 382 Main St. Hasta la vista.

– Diane Wood


The Listening Post 20th year Anniversary featured in the Heart of the City Festival


Opening in December 2000, The Listening Post has been a quiet welcoming space on the corner of Main and Hastings. The centre was born out of a need for a neighbourhood place where community members can find a listening ear; tend to their spiritual journey in their own way; are not seen as clients; and are welcomed and received with respect.

Over the years the Listening Post has provided a sacred, safe space to leave behind the chaos of the streets and enter into a quiet atmosphere to listen to one’s inner voice of wisdom.

Since it began, volunteers have hosted The Listening Post. They have offered workshops and gatherings, potluck suppers, candle lighting to remember loved ones, many memorials, and have been pleased to participate in Heart of the City Festivals. This year, although closed due to the pandemic, they will host an outdoor altar to celebrate the Day of the Dead on Sunday November 1 from 2pm to 5pm.

Heart of the City Festival

Vancouver Street Church | Pastor Randy Barnetson Has Passed On – In Memorial

Randy Barnetson, pastor of Street Church passed on. His passing was on Friday in the early morning hours of October 9th, 2020.

Randy had a long term battle with diabetes and kidney failure. His exact cause of death is unknown at this time.  It is thought he passed on peacefully to be with The Lord in his sleep.

Christina Dawson Speaking at Randy Barnetson’s Memorial

^^ Now you know Brother 🙂 ^^

Pastor Randy was saved during the Jesus People movement. He went to Bible college and was the youngest to graduate. He Pastored all over British Columbia, on the Reserves and that’s where he gained a heart for First Peoples.

Download Pictures and Video of Randy Barnetson’s Memorial Service October 11 2020. Held at Street Church.

About Pastor Randy Barnetson:

Professional Information


The Lead Pastor of Street Church (Vancouver Foursquare Church) in the downtown eastside of Vancouver.

Also, the Director of First Nations Bible College with classes held at the same address. Classes start at 11:00am till 1:30pm from Tuesday to Friday, tuition-free. Dedicated to sharing the Good News about Jesus.


He attended Biola University, La Mirada, California for MA Intercultural Studies (left in 2013), Pacific Life Bible College, Surrey, British Columbia for BTh Theology (1997), Summit Pacific College, Abbotsford, British Columbia for a 3-year Bible Diploma (1976) and Princeton Secondary School (left in 1974)


Street Church Vancouver’s Facebook Page:

By: S. John of The McILwraith Family