More Coming soon.

We are having our first general drop in on Monday May 29th 2021

The community drop in will be facilitated by Karen and John.

What is already set:

  • Monday: General / community drop in from 12:00 – 4:00 With Karen and John.
  • Wednesday: Evenings meditation group lead by Collin from 5:00 – various  / flex times.
  • Thursdays: Phoenix and Deanna tentatively to do a day for drop in. Tentative / pending
  • Friday: Evenings, a time for celebrating recovery, sobriety and a safe confidential place and time to be heard / share and spiritual guidance and exhortation  with Rev. John.
  • Saturday: Afternoon Drum Making with Chris and helpers. (*pending commitment)
  • Sunday: Sharon has put forth a motion to have a Sunday meal with members / friends  / community that make up The Listening Post.  This will be on select and yet to be determined Sunday nights.

We will update the schedule of times and groups soon.

Please Stand By….