We need to talk and be proactive about AFD and it’s impact on the 300 block of Main Street – Our Home.

We need to have some discussions and a plan of action. To remain silent any longer could be construed as our tacit agreement with the situation.



  • Security of tenants coming and going
  • Noise / crowding
  • Food / container waste  – No dedicated dumpster  – A surge in rats and cockroaches
  • No pressure washing
  • Increase in graffiti
  • Uptick in people using 380 and 382 entrances as a toilette
  • The proposal to set up picnic benches and take away parking .

The stake holders are

  • The residents of 380 Main as well as 382 (TLP) and 384 (AFD)  Main street
  • The City of Vancouver
  • Vancouver Coastal Health. 
  • NHS and their agent Terra Property Management.

We need to talk and be proactive about AFD and it’s impact on the 300 block of Main Street – Our Home.


Open House at the Listening Post on Friday this week.


“Good morning.  

This is a reminder that we are doing an open house at the Listening Post tomorrow from 1:00 to 4:00.  Sandwiches will be delivered at 1:00.  You are welcome to drop in and if any of you are able to bring some cookies to add to the sandwiches that would be appreciated.  

We understand that a Good Friday walk is organized to go to different locations in the community and they are planning to come by the Listening Post.  We will have floating candles available for those who want to remember someone they have lost.  

We are also celebrating the Listening Post opening up again.  

Looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow.
Kathi “

Dear Friends of the LP – Operations Update


Dear Friends of the LP

So, we are in a time of great challenge and uncertainty and each person and each team has to decide on a weekly basis what is best for them. We are not in a period when we can have any consistency and as such it is difficult for the community to count on us.

I have decided to let go of the role of coordinating the space at the end of April as I just don’t have the energy to continue in that role. I do want to continue to volunteer and be involved.

We will meet in February and begin to think about a way forward.
Wishing you all blessings in this challenging time.

Karen Thorpe